Changes to Amazon's Super Saver Delivery Policy

This entry was posted by Daniel and was tagged amazon, super saver delivery, minimum spend, free delivery on July 29th, 2013.

Amazon has introduced a £10 minimum spend to qualify for Free Super Saver Delivery in a number of product categories. It doesn't affect all product lines and there are many exceptions so please read on for full details....

Most importantly, orders that contain books, DVDs, Blu-rays, music, video games and software products will continue to qualify for Free Super Saver Delivery with no minimum spend threshold. So whether it's a new release CD for £7.00 or a bestselling book for £5, you will continue to receive Free Super Saver Delivery on the millions of items available. For all other products, if an order is absent of any qualifying products in the categories listed previously, a minimum total spend of £10.00 is now required for Free Super Saver Delivery.

Our site and product details have been updated to reflect this change so you can be confident that if a product is listed with free delivery, then you will receive that free delivery Super Saver option when you go to complete your checkout at