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1. First World Problems 2. Black Roses 3. Breathe and Breathe Easy (The Everness Of Now) 4. The Dream And The Dreamer 5. From Chaos To Harmony 6. It's Raining Diamonds 7. Ripples 8. Blue Sky Day 9. Soul Satisfaction 10. Break Down The Walls (Warm Up Jam) 'Ripples' is Ian Brown's first solo material in nine years. Released in 2019 via Virgin EMI. Ian produced 'Ripples' as well as writing the majority of tracks on the album. Three of the songs were co-written with his sons, who also play a multitude of instruments across the release. Covers of Barrington Levy's 'Black Roses' and 'Break Down The Walls' by Mikey Dread complete the album. The album was recorded in Liverpool and enhanced in the Beatles room at Abbey Road Studios, before being mixed by long-term collaborator Steve Fitzmaurice.

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