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Hello. I'm sooo excited... I love the fact that you loved Toned in 10 so much and some of the results you've sent me have been truly amazing! So, I'm back with my brilliant trainer Sarah, with an awesome new fitness programme Power Box & Tone. It's a really upbeat workout which focusses on boxing style movements to build strength and tone. It'll work your whole body, but with the emphasis on building fitness and has aerobic intervals to make sure there's some essential fat-burning going on.The workout is formulated using blocks so you can work out to a full class or break it down into smaller sections depending on how much time you have. At weekends and on days when you've got more time, add on the lovely stretch and mediation to your workout and feel the tension disappear.As always there's a great warm up to get you ready to work out a wonderful stretch to work out to complete your routine. Don't push yourself to hard if it hurts - but do try to work out three times a week and it won't be long before you're up to speed.I really hope you love it and get loads out of it!!! I genuinely think you'll have so much fun you won't even notice you're getting fit. Can't wait to see your results! Davina xx

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Davina: Power Box & Tone [DVD] [2018]

I really enjoyed this DVD and did all the routines in one go. This is a long and thorough review, as I like to help people get a good idea of what the DVD has in store for them.

In my opinion this is geared to the beginner and intermediate level exerciser, however I am an advanced level exerciser and very fit, but due to my over-exercising that caused me shin splints, IT Band soreness with outer knee pain, I have had to gear my exercises to a more intermediate level and so this DVD is perfect for people who have suffered the issues that I have as it is low impact, but you still know and feel that you are burning calories and strengthening the knee and core area of the body. I highly recommend this as a recovering advance and keen regular exerciser.

The DVD has a 5-minute introduction, where Davina explains about the DVD and gives an interesting rundown on the techniques of punching and keeping your abs engaged, which is very useful and informative...

Davina: Power Box & Tone [DVD] [2018]

I wanted a fitness dvd I could do with limited floor space at home for when I'm not at the gym or classes and after watching the trailers for this dvd thought I'd give it a go.

I have a few of Davina's workout dvds from the earlier days and enjoyed those and the music and banter that went along with it from Jackie and Mark. This dvd has a different personal trainer and although she is clearly fit as anything and a pro, I didn't really warm to her like the instructors in previous dvds, probably because there was very little in the way of jokes or laughs along the way.

But anyway as for the actual fitness bit... You don't need much for space which is great. It's made up of several exercise sections of about 10 mins each which are great to dip in and out of depending on what areas you want to work and how much time you have for working out. The exercises got me out of puff and sweaty so they obviously work!

For the boxing tracks I initially found it a...

Davina: Power Box & Tone [DVD] [2018]

I look forward to being able to do more than just the warm up. So much to enjoy in bitesize doses. Thank you Davina for inspiring me to exercise in a way I enjoy.

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