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@BotExcuses: I would love to watch Hotel For Dogs with you, but my masseuse says I should avoid people I hate right now.


@glassychords: i miss hotel for dogs, that is all


@rogershiddles: some of you didn’t cry during Hotel For Dogs and it really shows


@fugugames: I’m watching Hotel for Dogs and I want to move there.


@crowcircus: hotel for dogs is on for the 6th time this week

9.25pm 17 January 2019

@kalesticks: either you saw Hotel For Dogs starring Jake T. Austin in theaters the week it came out or you didn’t and you’re in jail now

8.54pm 17 January 2019

@dasherminator: And Don Cheadle In Hotel for Dogs

8.16pm 17 January 2019

@alainafaithk: I’m done, I’m watching Hotel for Dogs

7.56pm 17 January 2019

@charliefonville: I believe in my heart that the pitch for John Wick 3 was “Three Days of the Condor” meets “Hotel for Dogs.”

4.30pm 17 January 2019

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Hotel For Dogs [DVD] [2009]

I loved this film and of course had to be a true dog lover to want to buy it and watch it and everything is absolutely hilarious fun, loving, caring and all the dogs are the most amazing trained actors and those little two twin dacies my most favourite breed. Real animal lovers film and the baddies/dog pound get their come-upperance ha ha, it's called dog power and young kids empowerment to do something and fight the state and save and make a home for all these rescue dogs in a hotel in New York, of course "Hotel for Dogs" yay.

Hotel For Dogs [DVD] [2009]

My 9 year old son and his friends have watched it a few times over. They find it hilarious and it has a good message about kindness running through it.

Hotel For Dogs [DVD] [2009]

My kids loved this DVD. So much so that my son of 7 has watched it again and again and again.....

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