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@smilingldsgirl: My heart is racing. Coming over point of the mountain was terrifying like I was in a tunnel


@TribStarTodd: Kyle Kuzma’s Adam’s apple looks like The Old Man of the Mountain.


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The Mountain

Couldn’t put this book down. Not because of the storyline but because of the historical accuracy that the author writes about. I read this, having first read about the building of the Ribblehead Viaduct in a non fiction book. It was fantastic how well the author described the conditions that people lived in at that time.

The Mountain

I have seen the ribble head viaduct many times but never did I realise what the building of it cost. the people of the time were brilliantly strong in mind and body. A real eye opener! thank you for a beautiful story again Evie.

The Mountain

Excellent story enjoyed reading it the twists and turns of the main characters keeping you entertained and wanting more thank you

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